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In 2021, we are launching a new initiative for the community of ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows — the virtual meet-ups —. The first of these meetups took place on 15 April and brought together a few fellows to discuss the UN Sustainable Development Goals to transform the global model of development. Read more


Why talk about health on the big screen? In April, coinciding with both World Health Day and the most important night for film-lovers —the Oscars—, we spoke to four ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows, all prestigious figures in the industry who have produced films on topics such as Alzheimer’s, functional diversity, aphasia or life in hospital. Read more


Cervantes or Shakespeare, Don Quixote or Macbeth. Every 23rd of April, we celebrate these authors and their works, as well as a lot more. Today we speak with two ”la Caixa” Foundation Fellows and recently published book authors. Read more


We spoke with three fellows connected to the "Industry 4.0", a technological and digital revolution that is committed to the planet and people’s well-being, with the aim of clearing up the collateral damage left over from another crucial moment in our recent history, the Industrial Revolution. Read more