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Every five minutes, someone in the world is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a neurodegenerative disease caused by a failure in the immune system, which mistakenly attacks nerve cells. Today, in honour of World Brain Day, we spoke with Andrés París, a biochemist who is especially affected by this topic. Not just because he spends most of his time trying to understand the disease, but also because his family suffers from it. Read more


The biodiversity on our planet provides a wealth of examples of different species interacting for mutual benefit. Humans are no strangers to these kinds of interactions. In this ocasion, we spoke to ”la Caixa” Foundation fellow Verónica Llorens about microbiome, with who we have a very tight relationship, so much so that it could even be thought of as the last organ in the human body. Read more


After six years of research, the Dark Energy Survey (DES) project has managed to make the most complete and precise maps of the universe using the largest sample of galaxies ever made. This month we spoke to Giulia Giannini, physicist, ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows and one of the members of the project. Read more


The third ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows virtual meetup, which brought together some fellows who are working in the aerospace sector, focused on the challenges and trends in the sector, as well as the role of industry and the benefits that aerospace exploration and industry have for society. Read more