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"Life without music is simply a mistake, a fatigue, an exile", said the philosopher and composer Friedrich Nietzsche. This month, on the occasion of European Music Day, we spoke to three ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows for whom music is more than just an entertainment. Read more


Diabetic retinopathy is the most common cause of blindness in people aged 20 to 65 in industrialised countries. Until now, there was no sure-fire treatment to cure this pathology. However, some weeks ago, this fellow’s recent discoveries provided some optimism in terms of a possible treatment. Read more


Plagues, famine, water scarcity, fires, floods... predictions about the impact of climate change are already coming true. This month, in honour of World Environment Day, we spoke to three ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows about how to mitigate the effects by promoting energy transition. Read more


How would you react if a crisp wasn’t crunchy when you ate it? And if you didn’t hear the fizz when you opened a carbonated drink? Sound, taste, colour, smell, texture, etc. Our senses are aware of each bite we take and any of them could play a leading role in picking one product over another. We discussed this with three fellows of the ”la Caixa” Foundation, who gave us a more nuanced perspective on these experiences depending on learned sensations, both individual and collective, and even how the space is decorated. Read more