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What turns a book into a story that can seduce thousands of readers? The ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows Pol Guasch Arcas, a Catalan writer and poet, and author of Napalm en el corazón (Napalm in the Heart, winner of the 2021 Anagrama Prize), and Irene Tor Carroggio or, as she is known to many, “the translator of Sanmao”, immerse us in the thrilling challenges of literary creation. Read more


Changing people's lives through learning is the vocation of "la Caixa" Foundation fellows Eva Flavia, who is pursuing a PhD in Educational Policy and Programme Evaluation at Harvard University, and Lucas Gortazar, education consultant at the World Bank. Read more


Back in August 2017, Barcelona’s old town suffered a horrendous terrorist attack. The events took place on the well-known street Les Rambles, a bustling area that many people pass through, and one that provides a little space and light away from the winding streets of the Gothic Quarter and the Raval. Many people shared in the city’s sorrow from a distance. Manuel Montobbio, Barcelona-born ”la Caixa” Foundation fellow, was one of them. Read more


How can artists give a voice to those who need to be heard? How can we put artistic language to work for the most vulnerable among us? This moth, we spoke with three artists and ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows, who seek to use their art to build bridges between cultures rather than walls and barriers. Read more