Ooooh! Francesc Dalmau and the Art of Optical Illusions (1839-1878)

14 December | 11:00

Can you imagine what the first 3D images were like at the end of the 19th century? Did you know that Francesc Dalmau was the person who brought the telephone and the phonograph to Spain?

In addition to this important role in history, Dalmau was the first modern optician in Catalonia and he contributed a universe of revolutionary optical spectacles through his shop window. The establishment became a must visit place for the fans of science and art in those years.

The fellow Cèlia Cuenca (Spain, 2017) has curated this interesting exhibition and organised a guided visit for the ”la Caixa” fellows.

The meeting point will be the Museum of Cinema, Calle de la Sèquia, 1, 17002 Girona.

You can visit the museum website and find out other details about the exhibition.

3 fellows have attended